Alice Poor Garden 
Responsible for plant selection, garden design and maintenance, and organizing spring and fall cleanups.  As funds are collected, responsible to purchase and install new plantings and plan future garden renovations. When finances allow present possible landscape designs for the garden.
Community Gardens 
Manage the community garden plots at Onatru Farm and coordinate related activities within the town and community.  Ensure that gardeners are informed of garden requirements, rules for maintenance, and issues as they arise.  Generate community interest to ensure that all plots are planted and maintained; organize the garden set-up in the spring and clean-up in the fall.
Golden Roads 
Coordinates GR Program including selecting roadside daffodil planting locations, encouraging participation by community groups in the annual  plantings, administering the annual GR Daffodil Planting Day, fundraising and daffodil sales.
Growing Kindness
Make flower arrangements and holiday swags for Lewisboro senior citizens to enjoy throughout the season
Organize volunteers and supplies for LGC meetings. New Member Welcome (June) and Holiday Party (December)
Library Fair Fund Raiser
Members work together each year in designing family events to help raise funds for the Town Library.  Work begins in July.
Media and Photography
Organize and maintain the club’s website ( Ask committee chairs to verify information published to ensure that the site is up to date and accurate. Maintain the payments for the domain.  In addition Facebook Page has been established to provide a variety of information and photos.Advertise meetings and events on our website and Facebook page.  Send announcements and gardening articles to the local community groups and Town Bulletin Board.
Membership Development
Promote club membership, send welcome packet to new members, and provide mentoring for new members to ensure involvement.
Determine future candidates for officer positions, solicit interest re same at the September meeting, and prepare a slate for the November/December meeting.
Onatru Conservancy Committee
Chaired by President(s) and consists of all committees that are involved in any facet of Onatru Farm ( Alice Poor Garden, Community Garden, The Friendship Garden, The Meadows and Stewards of Onatru) Works with other community groups in coordinated efforts to create a single plan for the improvement of plantings and use of Onatru Farm.  Any plan will honor the farm character and Onatru property donor, Alice Poor.
Plant Sales ( May)
Organize all facets of the Plant Sale and items needed, including: refreshments, bake sale items, decorations, publicity, arrangements with Gosset Brothers Nursery and Copia Home and Garden Center, volunteers, signage, cash box tables, etc.
Pollinator Pathway
Works with Lewisboro Land Trust liaison to promote pollinator awareness via programs and Plantings
Pollinator Pathway Triangles
Work with triangle coordinators regarding triangle design. Oversee new triangle development and ensure involvement of all triangle team members in seasonal activities: preparation, planting, mulching, weeding, and clean-up.
Survey membership for speakers of interest; assemble lectures, workshops, and field trips; and keep records of past programs to ensure a variety of offerings each year.
Rooting for Lewisboro
Responsible for yearly selection and distribution of tree and shrub seedlings from Saratoga Tree Nursery to Town Residents to repopulate our Town forests.  Select a larger tree from local nurseries, to plant on Town Property and maintain a champion tree registry for our Town.
Stewards of Onatru
Support biodiversity and ecological balance 
Sunshine Committee
Maintain a link with the president so that as members have both happy and sad occasions the membership is informed and the club sends some recognition of the event.   Send receipts to the treasurer for reimbursement as needed.
Order and receive supplies needed including wire, evergreens, and ribbons/bows. Organize the making and hanging of swags throughout the Town of Lewisboro during the holidays and the swag fund raiser.
Yearbook/Membership Cards 
Collect needed information from the secretary, treasurer, president, triangle chairs, and program chairs. Create and distribute the club’s yearbook and membership card at the first meeting of the year.  Mail books to members, as needed.