The Lewisboro Garden Club is a hands-on, work-the-ground community-service garden club. The women and men of our garden club represent the full range of gardeners, from the very experienced to those new to gardening. There are many committees that reflect the needs of the community and the interest of our members.
We welcome new members to assist with our community beautification programs.  During the growing season, Lewisboro Garden Club members typically commit a few hours per month to community beautification.
Our members care for 27 roadside flower triangle gardens throughout Lewisboro. Members work with 1 or 2 other gardeners in caring for a single triangle garden, often in their own hamlets. Most members go this route and take great pride in “their” gardens.
Members may also choose to join our team in caring for the Alice Poor Memorial Garden at Onatru Farm.  They may also choose to plant and tend a vegetable or flower plot in the Community Garden at Onatru.
AND while doing all of this, we have fun!

2023 LGC Officers

Benefits of Lewisboro Garden Club Membership
Learn from workshops, field trips, and lectures by Master Gardeners and other professionals
Grow as gardeners while enjoying one another’s friendship
Share experiences with other gardeners, who are always eager to share their knowledge
Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow gardeners while working together in the Community Garden or on a Triangle
Help beautify Lewisboro
Receive discounts at many area nurseries
Become more involved with the community you call home
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