The Lewisboro Garden Club, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1972 to promote the art of gardening, aid in conserving natural flora and help beautify public areas.

Many of our activities are centered around Onatru Farm, but we also use Cyrus Russell Community House and the Lewisboro Library.  We can also be reached at our Facebook page for more information.

2019 Garden Club Events –  See our Resource page for sites to review in preparation for spring planting . 

December 7, Saturday, 9:00 AM, Onatru Farm – Holiday Party and Swag Making. Details to follow

January 1, Wednesday, 10 AM, Onatru Farm – Town First Day -Making Pine Cone Bird Feeders. Volunteers needed email

2018 Local events of interest 

Please check out all events at the Bedford Audubon at the following site:

JUNE 8th (SAT)- 10:00-12:00 MOUNTAIN LAUREL HIKE – Hike through meadows and forest as we enjoy the incredible beauty of thousands of blooming Mountain Laurels in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. Meet at Kimberly Bridge parking in WPRR, Rte 121 (1/4 mi south of Rte 35), Cross River. (Small entrance fee applies). Optional pot luck picnic following hike. Led by Bonnie Robins. 3-4 miles; rated moderate. Steady rain cancels.  Contact Lewisboro Land Trust.June 23, (SUN)- 12:00-2:00- HEALTHY LAKES AND WATER IN LEWISBORO.  Long Pond Preserve, Mead Street, Waccabuc.  Learn more about water quality of our Lewisboro lakes, what we can do to protect it, and how it effects us all. Local experts and advocates Paul Lewis and Jan Anderson (of Three Lakes Council) will take us for an informational tour along the pristine Eastern shore of Lake Waccabuc.  Bring your questions and your binoculars for a closer look at lake ecology. Steady rain cancels.  Contact Lewisboro Land Trust.

Please check out all events with the Lewisboro Land Trust at the following site:

Please go to for the Open Days Gardens in our area.


JAN 1st (MON) – 11:00, FIRST DAY CELEBRATION. We started off the New Year making bird feeders at Onatru Farm.  Although the weather outside was frosty, our participants stayed warm and toasty inside and making pine cone feeders to provide food for the birds in winter.  Thank you to our volunteers, Tracey Carreira, Aimee Davidson-Locke, Lydia Romero and Darcy Rydlun

February 10, 2019 Sunday, 4:30 PM Lewisboro Library – FIVE SEASONS Documentary: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf, immerses viewers in Oudolf’s work and takes us inside his creative process, from his beautifully abstract sketches, to theories on beauty, to the ecological implications of his ideas.  RSVP or email LGC if you plan to attend or Liz Gabrielle at the Lewisboro Library. Suggested Donation-$5 to be paid at the door. More information 190210 Five Seasons

March 7, Thursday, 6:30 PM– Cyrus Russell – Welcome Back Dinner

March 26, Tuesday, 4:30 PM– Lewisboro Library – Spring has Sprung! Volunteers will be needed to work with all ages and families to plant bulbs for forced spring bulb planting. Email

April 4, Thursday, 7 PM– Lewisboro Library- Anthony Langlois- “Truths about No Mow Lawns and Keeping an Organic Lawn in our area.” Anthony Langlois has 30 years experience as a seedsman with Jonathan Green along with 10 years working with a national Lawncare company as a manager and agronomist. Graduating from Slippery Rock University with a BS in Environmental Resource Management he has consulted to Sod Farms, sports fields, landscapers, Garden Centers and homeowners lawns. Join us for a lively discussion on the how to’s of having a chemical free sod lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood

RSVP or email LGC if you plan to attend or

April 11, Thursday, 10 :30 AM – Stone Barns Center Inside Tour and Brunch RSVP, money due with registration-$25 and Buffet-$40.  This event is closed.

 April 20, Saturday– Earth Day Activity Clean Up will be at Boway Road.  Please contact George Scott or Deanna Novak if you are coming.  We will meet at 10 AM

April 27, Saturday, 9 AM, Onatru Farm- Alice Poor Spring Clean Up. Please bring your gardening tools and any plants from your garden you would like to share. (Rain Date: April 28, Sunday 9:00 AM)

May 2, Thursday, 7 PM, Cyrus Russell Community House – Business meeting.  Plant Swap-This is your opportunity to share special plants from your garden.  Refreshments will be served.

May 11, Saturday, 8 AM to 5 PM, Gossett Brothers Nursery-Mother’s Day Plant Sale. Our annual fund raiser. Sign up with Beverly Scott.

May 18, Saturday, 12 PM to 6 PM, (Rain Date May 19) Copia Home and Garden – Club Fund Raiser.   Sign up with Mary Ann Lansdale.

 MAY 19th, SUNDAY, – 4:00-5:00pm — Lewisboro’s Pollinator Pathway Project            Presentation — Join the Lewisboro Land Trust and the Lewisboro Garden Club at the Lewisboro Library on Sunday, May 19th from 4:00-5:00pm to learn about the regional Pollinator Pathway Project and how you, as a community member and property owner, can become part of this project. Naturalist Krista Munger will describe the WHY and HOW. Why do we need to nurture pollinators? What are the benefits? and How do we do that? What are the simple steps every homeowner can take? Please join us.

Golden Roads Daffodils Driving Tour 2019  The daffodils you helped plant over the years are nearing peak bloom. Thank You. please use the link for 2019 Spring Daffodil Driving Tour of Lewisboro’s Golden Roads. Why not take a drive around town with your family, friends or group and enjoy all 47,000 daffodils.Spring Daffodils Driving Tour 2019

June 6 – Thursday, 7 PM, Lewisboro Library – Linda Fleming- “Bloom where you are planted” A delightful lecture with a medley of herbal ideas.  RSVP or email LGC if you plan to attend or

 June 11 – Tuesday, 10:30 AM, Untermyer Garden Trip. Fee – $15/person.  RSVP

July and August be sure to check out the traffic triangles all over Lewisboro maintained by club members. 

Triangle at West Lane and Route 123

September 5, Thursday, 7 PM, Cyrus Russell Community House – Business Meeting. Another opportunity for show and tell.

September 14 – Saturday, 9 AM, Onatru Farm- Alice Poor Fall Clean Up. Please bring your gardening tools. (Rain Date: September 15, Sunday 9 AM)

September 21, Saturday, 8 AM-4 PM, Onatru Farm-Scavenger Hunt/ Library Fair Volunteers needed. Sign up with George Scott or Rose Bonanno

Margery Winters

October 3, Thursday, 7 PM, Lewisboro Library Plants and Insects/Friends or Foe? Margery Winter UCONN Master Gardener – Plants aren’t as helpless to insect attacks as they seem.  Fascinating new scientific findings on the battle tactics and alliances between plants and Insects might make us rethink some of our gardening practices.  RSVP or email LGC or if you plan to attend

Hard at work

Golden Roads 2019

October 26, Saturday, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Location: Onatru Farm on Elmwood Road-Golden Roads Daffodil Planting. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this another successful planting and especially the Golden Road Committee.

November 7, Thursday, 7:00 PM Lewisboro Library Xenia Dambrosia, a landscape artist and herb specialist, She will address growing, selecting and drying of herbs to maintain their quality.  Anyone interested in mixing energizing herb teas can do so at the end of the lecture for a $10 fee.  Preregistration required.  RSVP or email LGCor if you plan to attend

November 20, Wednesday 6:30 PM Copia Home and Garden, Winter Porch Basket Workshop. All Members welcome.  Preregistration required send checks to Bev Scott or drop at Copia.

HARDINESS ZONE:  Please use the following website for information about your plant hardiness zone.