1.Harvest new potatoes by digging carefully around plants; onions and garlic when tops fall over and herbs for drying.
2. Fertilize annuals every two weeks.  Water daily if needed and pinch back leggy plants.
3. Prune climbing roses after bloom.
4. Purchase and plant chrysanthemums
5. Cut flowers for drying.
6. Continue deadheading and cut back early spring flowering perennials
7. Plant evergreens from late August through October 15th . Be sure to water well.
8. Plan for lawn renovation as weather cools.  Check for grubs.
9. Plant day lilies and divide exiting plants if they are overcrowded.
10. Sow more peas, lettuce, beans, radishes and spinach. 
11. Sow pansy seeds – and soon those colorful little faces will be smiling at you. 
12. Lift, divide and replant Japanese and Siberian irises. Cut out rotted or borer- infested parts
13. Plant colchicum corms when they are available.
gathered from Susan Henry and Irene Virag

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