All of us are making difficult choices as we face the challenge of COVID-19. Please check the website for updates before planning to attend a club activity. Hoping you find time to work in your garden during this uncertain time and remember to follow the social distance policy.
Many of our activities are centered around Onatru Farm, but we also use Cyrus Russell Community House and the Lewisboro Library.  We can also be reached at our Facebook page for more information. See our Resources page for sites to review in preparation for spring planting .​​​​​​​

2022 Garden Club Events 
March 17, Thursday, 7:00 PM- Vista Fire House Welcome Back Potluck.  Business meeting and " The Care and Keeping of Orchids: Understanding Orchid Care" - Jenn Cipriano 
April 7, Thursday, 7:00 PM - Copia Home and Garden - The Four Season Porch Pot- Season 1 (Spring) Cost $65. This includes planter, soil and spring/cool season plants.  We will put together a planter for the spring and then can reuse it for summer, fall and winter.
April ?(TBD), 12 PM to 7 PM pick up  - Town Park. Rooting for Lewisboro Tree Distribution in celebration of Earth Day/ Arbor Day (Celebrating its 150th year!) .
April 30, Saturday, 9 AM - Onatru Farm. Alice Poor Spring Clean Up.  Please bring your gardening tools and any plants from your garden that you would like to share. ( Rain Date- May 1, Sunday 9:00 AM) Volunteers needed.  Sign up with Timi Parsons or Suzanne Andrews .  Refreshments served.
May 7, Saturday, 9 AM to 5 PM- Gosset Brothers Nursery. Mother's Day Plant Sale Fundraiser.  Sign up with Bev Scott. Volunteers and baked goods needed. Shop for plant for Season 2 of Porch Pot.
May 10, Tuesday, 10 AM - Hilltop Hanover Farm, Yorktown, NY. Farm tour, classroom presentation "Propagating Native Seeds & Seedling Success" close with seed planting.  Fee is $10/person.
May 14, Saturday, 9 AM to 5 PM - Copia Home and Garden. Annual fundraiser Sign up with Mary Ann Lansdale. Shop for plants for Season 2 of Porch Pot.  ( Rain Date - May 15, Sunday, 9 AM to 4 PM).
May 21, Saturday, 2 PM to 4 PM - Onatru Farm. Pollinator Container Planting with Deanna Novak and The LLT. (Rain Date - May 22, Sunday).  It will be held between the Community Garden and the Meadow.  All are welcome but registration will be required.  Watch the Lewisboro Land Trust website for further details
June 2, Thursday, 7 PM - Zoom.  Business meeting to finalize details for LGC 50th Celebration.
June 11, Saturday, 5 PM to 7 PM - Onatru Farm. 50th Anniversary Celebration.  Come join us for some good food, music, company and our silent auction.  Tickets go on sale April 15.
June 23rd, Thursday, at 10:30. We have  scheduled a tour of Hollister House Garden in Washington, CT. The cost is $10/person.  Hollister House will provide an informal guided tour including a brief history of the property and garden.  Please visit for more information.  For those who want to carpool, we will meet at the Town Park at 9:15am.   Please RSVP to Susan Lamothe at. or Rose Bonanno at
August 20, Saturday, 4 PM - Site TBD. Paint and Sip- We will prepare for the Library Fair.  Volunteers will paint birdhouses for our Fairy Gardens.  Sign up with Aki Kano.  ( Rain Date - August 27, Saturday 4  PM).  
September 1, Thursday,  6:45 PM - Onatru Farm. "50 years in the Making " Maureen Koehl will present a history of the LGC.  Following we will have the Season 3 of Porch Pot Planting Cost-$65 / $45 with planter/ without planter.  
September 10, Saturday, 9 AM - Onatru Farm. - Alice Poor Fall  Clean Up.  Please bring your gardening tools and any plants from your garden that you would like to share. ( Rain Date- September 11, Sunday 9:00 AM) Volunteers needed.  Sign up with Timi Parsons or Suzanne Andrews .  Refreshments served.
September 17, Saturday, 8 AM to 4 PM - Onatru farm. Library Fair Many volunteers are needed. Sign up  with George Scott for the Golden Roads/ LGC Table.  Sign up with Aki Khano or Min Yoo for Fairy Gardens.
October 6, Thursday, 7 PM, Lewisboro Library.  "The Magic of the Winter Garden". Jana Milbocker, garden designer,  and author will speak to our group.  All welcome but registration required through the Lewisboro Library.
November 5, Saturday, 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM, Location TBD. Golden Roads Daffodil Planting- Volunteers needed. Sign up with George Scott. ( Rain Date - November 12, Saturday).
December 1, Thursday, 6 PM, Onatru Farm.  Assembly of swags for holiday  decorating of Town Signs.
December 3 , Saturday, 9 AM, Onatru Farm.  Holiday Party and distribution of swags.  Details to follow
January 1, Sunday, 10:30 AM, Lewisboro Elementary School.  First Day Family Activities including Wishing Sticks and Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Skunk Cabbage
Skunk Cabbage

Past Events
March 4, Thursday, Welcome Back, 7:00 PM- Zoom - Business Meeting and presentations on some new Club projects Meadowing by Deanna Novak and Rooting for Trees by Mary Ann Lansdale
March 13, Saturday, 11 AM to Noon - The annual Lewisboro Community Volunteer Fair will match local organizations with Adult and Teen community members who want to volunteer. Held by the Lewisboro Library 
April 1, Thursday, 7:00PM, Zoom- "Introduction to Ungardening: Building Your Garden's Connection with Nature" - Aubree Keurajian is an ecologist located in central Connecticut. She has a bachelor’s degree in the Science of Natural and Environmental Systems from Cornell University, and currently runs Ungardening Native Plants, a restoration ecology consultation service and native plant nursery.  Check her out online at or on Instagram @ungardening. Registration needed.
April, Date and details to be posted, - Rooting for Lewisboro our tree distribution will take place at the end of April.  Customers will be notified .  Volunteers are needed so please contact Mary Ann Lansdale.
April, Date and details to be posted, - Rooting for Lewisboro our tree distribution will take place at the end of April.  Customers will be notified .  Volunteers are needed so please contact Mary Ann Lansdale.
May 1, Saturday, 9:00 AM at Onatru Farm, Alice Poor Spring Clean-up. All members are urged to participate. Please bring your gardening tools and any plants from your garden you would like to share. (Rain Date: May 2, Sunday at 9:00 AM) RSVP to Lewisboro Garden Club
May 6, Thursday, 7:00 PM, Zoom - "Wicked and Wonderful Weeds and What to do about them" - Michele MacKinnon  has inspired hundreds of area residents to dig in, get dirty, and enjoy their gardens in the past several years. With an Advanced Master Gardener and Organic Land Care certifications, she is a trusted Garden expert with a growing following. Registration needed.
May 15, Saturday, 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Plant Sale at Copia Home and Garden Center (Rain Date:  May 16, Sunday) LGC Fundraiser for the Alice Poor Gardens at Onatru.  Sign up with with Mary Ann Lansdale. May be canceled due to the pandemic.
May 22, Saturday,  2 PM to 4 PM,  Onatru Farm - Meadow Event with  Deanna Novak and the  Lewisboro Land Trust. (Rain Date:  May 23, Sunday 2 PM to 4 PM)
Get inspired on how to turn your lawn into a mini-meadow: the how and why
Meadow Meander & Planting Workshop - Saturday, May 22, 2-4pm at Onatru Farm Park & Preserve
Are you curious about meadow's role in the story of our local forest? How does a meadow support wildlife, fresh water, and healthy soil? Lewisboro Land Trust is partnering with the Lewisboro Garden Club to bring you a program that encourages and supports experiments in converting lawn to mini-meadows and explores the aesthetics and biodiversity of meadows. Deanna Novak, a New Canaan Nature Center educator, will lead you on an adventure walk through Onatru trails. The program will also include listening to a family-friendly story about meadows, and visiting an educational mini-meadow tended by members of the garden club. There will be an opportunity for hands-on learning, digging and planting. This program may inspire you to welcome a mini-meadow into your yard too.
All ages are welcome to this program, but it is best for ages 4 and up. Sturdy shoes and gloves are recommended. In the event of inclement weather, this program will be moved to the following day, Sunday, May 23rd at the same time.
June 3, Thursday, 7:00 PM, Zoom.“I Like It, I Love It and the Deer Don’t Eat It!”   Adam Wheeler of Broken Arrow Nursery. Adam started work at Broken Arrow in 2004 after completing his BS degree in Urban Forestry and Landscape Horticulture at the University of Vermont. Adam manages plant propagation, container production, mail order and the acquisition and development of new plants. Please register at the link below.
Golden Roads Driving Tour Late March and Early April
Enjoy this tour through Lewisboro and see the over 50,000 daffodils that have been planted through the effort of the Golden Roads committee and support of community members. The Town advises that tour participants be of the same household and remain in their vehicles throughout the tour.  Directions
LGC Scholarship Winners 
Each year the Garden Club awards students a scholarship who will be pursuing studies in subjects that support the Club's goals.  This year's winners were Cat Curry, Sustainability Club, Annie Kennedy, AP Environmental Science and Evan Calves, Seminar for Environmental Studies.  
September 2, Thursday 6 PM - Onatru Farm - Business meeting /Henry Wallace Lecture by Maureen Koehl, Town Historian. 
September 11, Saturday, 9 AM - Onatru Farm- Alice Poor Fall Clean Up. Please bring your gardening tools. (Rain Date: September 12, Sunday 9 AM)
September 18, Saturday, 10 AM to 4 PM - The annual Lewisboro Library Fair is back!  The Fair will be held rain or shine at Onatru Farm Park (99 Elmwood Road in South Salem). It is the largest community event in Lewisboro. The LGC will be offering an opportunity to make your own Fairy Garden.  Materials will be provided but feel free to bring your own special additions. 
Preregistration is required.  There are three time slots available 11 AM, Noon and 1 PM. $15 materials fee payable at the Fair.  Please email name, chosen time slot and age of attendee to Proceeds go to the Library Fund.  You can also visit our LGC table and purchase our lovely daffodils as part of the Golden Roads program.
September 21, Thursday, 11 AM - Good Hope Farm - We will be led on a guided tour of the farm and all of its offerings including the goats, produce, perennial and annual gardens. Visit website.   If you plan to attend please email 
October 7, Thursday, 7 PM -  “How to use Native Plants in the Landscape” Lisa Turoczi   Registration needed through the Lewisboro library where it will be held.   Number is limited so be sure to preregister
Holiday Party and Swag Making December 5 – Saturday, 9 AM, Onatru Farm 
Join us for the end of year Holiday Party and Swag Making. Zoom event details to follow.
The Lewisboro Garden Club has a tradition of hanging swags on all of the white wooden signs as you enter Lewisboro and many of the signs for town parks and preserves.  The tradition began many years ago with members of the Garden Club gathering the materials from the woods in the area.  Bows were made, boughs wired and then the swags were hung.  
This year, in order to protect club members during this pandemic, almost 40 decorated swags were donated by Jenn and Peter Cipriano of Copia Home & Garden.
First Day Lewisboro - The Garden Club is participating in the Lewisboro Parks & Recreation  First Day event for 2021 as we have done in the past.
This year we are making up Pollinator Palace “kits” for families to drive through and take home. The kit contains the woody materials, instructions and links to the NYS Life Science curriculum and other info about pollinators.
Pictured are the leaflets included. They will get the sliced wood and other commonplace materials to complete the project.
Mary Ann Eggleston 
November 4, Thursday 7 PM - “ Gardentopia, Design Basics                  
 For Creating Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces” by Jan Johnsen, who is an award-winning landscape designer, author and speaker. Registration needed.

November 6, Saturday, 9:30 AM to 12 PM -  Golden Roads Daffodil Planting, (Rain Date: November 13, Saturday). Site- Fox Valley Park entrance drive roadside, off Indian Hill Road and Route 138, Goldens Bridge. Volunteers needed.  There areWe’ll plant 3,000 daffodil bulbs in 3 hours. No experience needed. Lewisboro Garden Club members will offer planting instruction and will be planting alongside you. We’ll add to our 50,000 plus daffodils lining Lewisboro’s roadsides. We’ll have refreshments. It is always a fun get together.  
December 4, Saturday- Holiday Party and Swag Making TBD

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