All of us are making difficult choices as we face the challenge of COVID-19. Please check the website for updates before planning to attend a club activity. Hoping you find time to work in your garden during this uncertain time and remember to follow the social distance policy.
Many of our activities are centered around Onatru Farm, but we also use Cyrus Russell Community House and the Lewisboro Library.  We can also be reached at our Facebook page for more information. See our Resources page for sites to review in preparation for spring planting .​​​​​​​

2023 Garden Club Events​​​​​​
February 22,  Wednesday- Rooting for Lewisboro Tree Ordering for members
March 4, Saturday, 11 AM Lewisboro Library Volunteer Fair   
March 9, Thursday, 6:30 PM- Welcome back meeting – Vista Firehouse- Graham Glauber Everyday pruning (follow up workshop  3/26. )
March 26, Sunday 1 PM Onatru Farm- Outdoor Pruning Workshop with Graham Glauber.   Registration required.  Email Susan Lamothe to register.
April 13, Thursday, 7 PM Zoom -" Not Your Mother's Garden" ,  Deborah Chud - “Not Your Mother’s Garden” , Deborah takes her audience on a photo tour of her own highly unusual New Perennial Garden and describes the underlying design principles.  Register on Library site.
April TBD – Earth Day Activity: Rooting for Lewisboro Tree distribution. Details to follow when seedlings are received.
April 29, Saturday, 9 AM, Onatru Farm- Alice Poor Spring Clean Up. Please bring your gardening tools and any plants from your garden you would like to share. (Rain Date: April 30, Sunday 9 AM) 
May 2, Tuesday, 10 AM, Teatown Reservation - Wildflower Island Tour. Email Rose Bonanno to register.
May 4, Thursday, 7 PM, Zoom , Joan Butler- “Designing Shady Retreats”  Register on the Lewisboro Library website.
May 13, Saturday, 8 AM to 5 PM, Gossett Brothers Nursery-Mother’s Day Plant Sale. Our club fundraiser. Sign up with Beverly Scott.
May 20, Saturday, 9 AM to 5 PM,  Copia Home and Garden - Club Fundraiser. Sign up with Mary Ann Lansdale. (Rain Date May 21 12 to 4 PM)
May 20, Saturday, 2 PM to 4 PM - Onatru Farm. Pollinator Container Planting with Deanna Novak and the LLT. (Rain Date - May 21, Sunday).  It will be held between the Community Garden and the Meadow.  All are welcome but registration will be required.  Watch the Lewisboro Land Trust website for further details
June 1,  Thursday, 7 PM- Onatru Farm. Business Meeting 
September 2, Saturday, 9 AM, Onatru Farm- Alice Poor Fall Clean Up. Please bring your gardening tools. (Rain Date: September 3, Sunday 9 AM)
September 7,  Thursday, 10 AM, Mountain  Lakes Park -  Come Join us as we hike the preserve with Taro Ietaka and he presents the secret of the forests.  Email Rose Bonanno to register.
September 9, Saturday, 8 AM-4 PM, Onatru Farm - Fairy Gardens/ Library Fair Volunteers needed. Sign up Aki Kano or Min Yoo for the Fairy Gardens
October 21 Saturday, 4 PM, TBD,  Doug Tallamy-  Reservations required.
November 2, Thursday, 6:30 PM Onatru Farm –   Terrarium Workshop with Maria Colletti.  Fee- $35- 40.  Email Susan Lamothe to register
November 4, Saturday, 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM, Location TBD-Golden Roads Daffodil Planting, (Rain Date: November 11). Volunteers needed. Sign up with George Scott. 
November 30, Thursday, 6 PM, Onatru Farm   Swag making- Details to follow
December 2, Saturday, 10 AM, TBD - Holiday Party and Swag Distribution. Details to follow 
January 1, Monday, 10:30 AM, Lewisboro Elementary School - First Day  Crafts       
Past Event Highlights​​​​​​​​​​​​
 " The Care and Keeping of Orchids: Understanding Orchid Care" - Jenn Cipriano We learned how to keep our orchids alive
 The Four Season Porch Pot- Season 1 (Spring)  This program was an opportunity to have seassonal planters to beautify our porches includes planter, soil and spring/cool season plants.  We will put together a planter for the spring and then can reuse it for summer, fall and winter.
. Rooting for Lewisboro Tree Distribution in celebration of Earth Day/ Arbor Day (Celebrating its 150th year!) .  A great opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment of our community
 Alice Poor Spring Clean Up.  Our  annual spring clean up of the lovely garden we maintain in Alice Poor's memory.
May 7, Saturday, 9 AM to 5 PM- Gosset Brothers Nursery. Mother's Day Plant Sale Fundraiser.  Sign up with Bev Scott. Volunteers and baked goods needed. Shop for plant for Season 2 of Porch Pot.
May 10, Tuesday, 10 AM - Hilltop Hanover Farm, Yorktown, NY. Farm tour, classroom presentation "Propagating Native Seeds & Seedling Success" close with seed planting.  Fee is $10/person.
May 14, Saturday, 9 AM to 5 PM - Copia Home and Garden. Annual fundraiser Sign up with Mary Ann Lansdale. Shop for plants for Season 2 of Porch Pot.  ( Rain Date - May 15, Sunday, 9 AM to 4 PM).
May 21, Saturday, 2 PM to 4 PM - Onatru Farm. Pollinator Container Planting with Deanna Novak and The LLT. (Rain Date - May 22, Sunday).  It will be held between the Community Garden and the Meadow.  All are welcome but registration will be required.  Watch the Lewisboro Land Trust website for further details
June 2, Thursday, 7 PM - Zoom.  Business meeting to finalize details for LGC 50th Celebration.
June 11, Saturday, 5 PM to 7 PM - Onatru Farm. 50th Anniversary Celebration.  Come join us for some good food, music, company and our silent auction.  Tickets go on sale April 15.
June 23rd, Thursday, at 10:30. We have  scheduled a tour of Hollister House Garden in Washington, CT. The cost is $10/person.  Hollister House will provide an informal guided tour including a brief history of the property and garden.  Please visit for more information.  For those who want to carpool, we will meet at the Town Park at 9:15am.   Please RSVP to Susan Lamothe at. or Rose Bonanno at
August 20, Saturday, 4 PM - Site TBD. Paint and Sip- We will prepare for the Library Fair.  Volunteers will paint birdhouses for our Fairy Gardens.  Sign up with Aki Kano.  ( Rain Date - August 27, Saturday 4  PM).  
September 1, Thursday,  6:00 PM - Onatru Farm. "50 years in the Making " Maureen Koehl will present a history of the LGC. Following,  Jenn Cipriano from Copia Home and Garden will demonstrate a Fall Porch Pot  If you would like to make a porch pot,  a workshop will be held at Copia on  September 8, Thursday  Cost-$65 / $45 with planter/ without planter.  Preregistration required at Lewisboro Garden Club.
September 10, Saturday, 8:30 AM - Onatru Farm. - Alice Poor Fall  Clean Up.  Please bring your gardening tools and any plants from your garden that you would like to share. ( Rain Date- September 11, Sunday 9:00 AM) Volunteers needed.  Sign up with Timi Parsons or Suzanne Andrews .  Refreshments served.
September 17, Saturday, 8 AM to 4 PM - Onatru farm. Library Fair. Many volunteers are needed. Sign up  with George Scott for the Golden Roads/ LGC Table.  Sign up with Aki Khano or Min Yoo for Fairy Gardens. 
October 6, Thursday, 7 PM, Lewisboro Library. "The Magic of the Winter Garden". Jana Milbocker, garden designer,  and author will speak to our group.  All welcome. Registration is required and can be done through the Lewisboro Library, here.  This is a ZOOM presentation
November 5, Saturday, 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM, Location Lewisboro Town House. Golden Roads Daffodil Planting- Volunteers needed. Sign up with George Scott or Lewisboro Garden Club. ( Rain Date - November 12, Saturday).
November 10, Thursday, 6:30 PM - Copia Home and Garden - The last of our  Four Season Porch Pot- Season 4 ( Thanksgiving) Cost $65. This includes planter, soil and fall/cool season plants.  You can reuse your planter from the last seasons or bring a pot you’d like to fill ($45).  To register please email  CANCELED
December 1, Thursday, 6 PM, Onatru Farm.  Assembly of swags for holiday  decorating of Town Signs.
December 3 , Saturday, 9 AM, Onatru Farm.  Holiday Party and distribution of swags.  Details to follow

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