A champion tree is one that is considered the largest of its species. Species vary in size, height, and growth patterns. Trees grown in an open environment will have a larger crown than those grown in a forest. Every year people search for America's largest trees, bringing awareness to their beauty and ecosystem services, and fostering a desire to protect and preserve them for future generations.
The LGC is planning to gather information about these large and old trees in our hamlets.  If you think that you live with a champion or have seen one of these trees in your visits to Lewisboro's many parks and preserves help us to collect the data by following the steps below.
Step One:
Check out a Citizen Science Kit from the Lewisboro Library to measure your tree. You can also read about how to measure for Champion Trees on the Missouri Department of Conservation Website by clicking below and creating your own kit.
Step Two:
After collecting the data , use the Clifton Park Tree Age Calculator to calculate the age of your tree.
Step Three:
Once you have measured your tree, fill out and submit a form. If your tree is a champion we will contact you to verify your information, and we will feature your tree in our gallery! 
Thank you to the New Canaan Land Trust for their help in developing this page and to the Clifton Park Open Spaces Committee for their tree age calculator.
Champion Tree Gallery 
Trunk circumference - 18 feet 61/2 inches 
Crown Drip Line Diameter - 84feet
Height - 117 feet
Approximate Age - 283 years
Hamlet: Cross River
American Elm
Trunk Circumference - 6 feet 9 inches
Crown Drip Line Diameter -39 feet 10 inches
Height - 80 feet
Approximate Age - 103 years
Hamlet - Lewisboro

Trunk Circumference - 14 feet 8inches
Approximate Age - 224 years
Hamlet - Cross River

Ohio Buckeye
Trunk Circumference - 10 feet 3 inches
Crown Drip Line Diameter - 25 feet 1/2 inch
Approximate Age - 205 years
Height - 46 feet 1/2 inch
Hamlet - Cross River

Sugar Maple
Trunk Circumference - 9 feet 2 inches
Approximate Age - 193 years
Height - 125 feet
Hamlet -  South Salem
Northern Red Oak 
Trunk Circumference - 9 feet 1 inch
Crown Drip Line Diameter - 40 Feet
Approximate Age 139 years
Height - 118 feet
Hamlet - South Salem

Northern Red Oak
Trunk Circumference - 8 feet 7 inches
Crown Drip Line Diameter - 30 feet
Approximate Age - 131 years
Height - 114 feet
Hamlet - South Salem 
White Oak
Trunk Circumference - 14 feet 6 inches
Crown Drip Line Diameter - 80 feet
Approximate Age - 277 years
Height - 11o feet
Hamlet - South Salem 
Trunk Circumference - 8 feet
Approximate Age - 97.6 years
Height -91 feet
Hamlet - South Salem