The Lewisboro Garden Club, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1972 to promote the art of gardening, to aid in conserving natural flora and to help beautify public areas.
Today, we are still true to our roots.  We are a hands-on, work-the-ground, community service club. The women and men of our garden club represent the full range of gardeners, from the very experienced to those new to gardening. The Lewisboro Garden Club designs, plants, and maintains seventeen roadside flower triangles; cares for the Alice Poor Memorial Garden at Onatru Farm; manages the organic Community Gardens at Onatru Farm, tends the window boxes at the Cyrus Russell Community House, and more.  
Each year, the Lewisboro Garden Club offers three awards to graduating seniors at John Jay High School who demonstrate an appreciation and respect for Lewisboro’s environment, environmental conservation and natural resources, and are pursuing environmentally focused commitments and goals within the community.
The Lewisboro Garden Club coordinates Golden Roads, a roadside daffodil beautification initiative.  Golden Roads, in its sixteenth year, encourages homeowners and businesses to plant daffodils along their roadsides.  Each fall we plant thousands of daffodils in public spaces, with over 60,000 daffodil bulbs planted to date.
Every December we make holiday evergreen swags and mount them on signs at 24 locations throughout Lewisboro, including hamlet markers and public building signs.  To commemorate Earth Day, we participate activities that range from road clean ups to creating a meadow at Onatru Farm.
If any of these activities are of interest to you please join us. You can also read about us in our LGCBrochure