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2016 Events

2018 has been a good year for the Garden Club

a wide and varied number of speakers
-supported by great snacks and refreshments!
-thank you to all who made the speakers, refreshments and meetings, This is truly the backbone of our club.
-a big huge thank you to all of our committee chairs who made it all possible!
We also had some great successes:
-who could forget the parking petition of the Spring of 2016?
-our dedication to the memory of Alice Poor and her wishes is something we can all be proud of.
-we had 2 successful garden sales at 2 of our fantastic local nurseries
-the Alice Poor garden has undertaken its much anticipated redesign, with thanks to Timi and Susi for their hard work and fantastic organizational skills to make it happen.
-GR is celebrating 10 years’ of stewardship and tireless dedication from George.
So what to look forward to in 2019:
-A fantastic display of golds, yellows and whites in the GR show.  Here’s hoping the freeze and thaw of the spring is kind to our delicate daffodils.
-The community garden should be completed.  
-We will be hosting a grand-opening of the Alice Poor garden in June, we hope.
-A beautiful display of talent and design across town in all of our triangles
-More outings and speakers – we have some great talks and surprises already lined up!